A wired camera has a cable that goes from the camera to a DVR. The video signal is passed from the camera, through the cable, and to your DVR which allows you to see the picture. All wired cameras must use coax cable to connect the camera to the DVR. We have cable available in 50, 100 and 1000 foot lengths. Longer lengths are available please call.

A wireless camera does not need coax cable connected from the camera to the DVR. The video signal is transmitted through the air to the DVR directly. However, wireless cameras still require power. You can apply power by plugging a power supply for the camera into a regular wall outlet.

Covert use of video and audio together is reserved for law enforcement personnel only. We do not carry any hidden cameras that have audio capability. Audio is only available to law enforcement agencies due to federal law – Title 18, Section 2512.

Resolution refers to the cameras ability to reproduce images. The higher the resolution, the better. Lux refers to the amount of light that is needed for the camera to see. This becomes important if you need the cameras to see in low light. The lower the Lux, the better.