Cameras Overview

Important Considerations for your Cameras:

  1. Camera Location : Will the camera be installed indoors or outdoors?
  2. Light conditions : Will the camera have to record in low-light conditions (at night)?
  3. Field of View required for the camera : How wide or narrow an angle of vision is required?
  4. Focal Length : How far away objects you wish to record will be from the camera?
  5. Recording on DVR : Continuous recording or motion detection recording?
  6. Hidden or conspicuous cameras?
  7. Picture : Color or black and white?
  8. Housing or Enclosure to protect the camera against vandals or weather?
  9. Fixed or Motorized cameras?
  10. Technology : Digital or IP cameras?

For basic informational purposes we offer the following types of cameras to compliment your CCTV system.

Bullet Camera

Slim, stylish and robust, bullet cameras are ideal for professional surveillance applications. Our range is available in a variety of specifications. Bullet Cameras are digital cameras mounted in a cylindrical or “bullet” casing. This is a very popular camera and can be used indoors or outdoors. Its small and narrow size makes it suitable for areas other cameras may not fit. It is best for monitoring objects that are within 25 feet from the camera.

Dome Camera

These cameras are hard to spot and are durable. They are generally ceiling or wall mounted. The camera assembly is inside an enclosure with a smoked removable dome cover. The smoked glass cover hides the fixation of the lens. No one truly knows where the camera is looking.

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ)

These cameras are excellent devises to use when you want to “look around” your surveillance area. You can pan left or right over a wide area, tilt up and down and zoom in and out on something within the sight of the lens. The camera can be set to automatic and/or manual mode.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Digital CCTV, or Digital Closed Circuit Television, is the technology used in modern surveillance systems. Comtex recommends the use of a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system that records high resolution digital images to a hard disk drive (HDD) and displays multiple camera images on a monitor. You may remotely view your business from any PC in the world with internet access, easily search archived videos by date, time and camera, and even control your camera views.

Off-site Monitoring

DVR technology allows remote monitoring of live and archived recordings over your corporate network or from any PC that has a high speed connection. Off site, you can control the camera views. Comtex offers DVR models that offer 4, 8 or 16 camera views and recording configurations. You may even enlarge and zoom in on a still frame clip to view details of an image.

Ease of Search

Advanced search capabilities allow you to instantly get to relevant areas of the video, greatly reducing time spent viewing video clips. Rather than using the limited fast forward and rewind functions of a VCR, you may input search defined parameters such as the camera, date and time to find the exact clip you need. You can also playback video forward or backward up to 1000 times the normal VHS speed

Image Capture

Digital images and the ability to control the viewing experience through software configuration greatly enhance the security experience. For instance, recordings do not have to be continuous. Each camera can be configured independently to record only when it detects motion or by a pre-defined schedule programmed in the DVR. If a motion is detect mode is used, months of video can be stored on a typical hard drive, saving on playback time and hard drive space.


Using a DVR eliminates the need to store, maintain and change VHS tapes. No need to replace video tapes, ensuring continuous recording. As the images are stored digitally, the image quality will not degrade overtime, as would a VHS tape when recorded over multiple times. The size of the hard drive will dictate how much you can record.


While analog VCRs can either record or play, a DVR has triple functionality. You can simultaneously review, record and playback up to 16 cameras. While you are viewing an archived video, the DVR can still be recording live action.

Complete Systems

Picture May Vary with Style/Need According to Client Specification

4Ch DVR system ( Monitor not included )

8Ch DVR system ( Monitor not included )

16CH DVR system ( Monitor not included )